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Sweetwater Living, LLC is licensed by the TN Department of Health and the TN Department of Health and Substance Abuse Services to provide Assisted Living and Personal Support Services that include In-Home Personal Care, In-Home Personal Care Attendant, and In-Home Respite. We are a premier CHOICES provider and collaborate with three major Managed Care Organizations: United Health Care, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and AmeriGroup. We provide affordable personalized medical care and social services with the special care and companionship each client deserves.

Our Mission

We value the individuality of each client, employee, and customer and strive to deliver holistic care of Body, Mind, and Spirit that enriches the lives of those we serve.

Our Vision

A care delivery system that transitions to meet the needs of our residents and clients and enhances their quality of life. We are trusted partners of our clients and our community, and our caregivers are agents of positive change in the senior living industry.

Our Values

Each day we are guided by our key values:

Our Relationship with Christ

  • We know that Christ gives us the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding necessary to care for others.
  • We believe that We can do All Things because He gives us the strength.
  • We believe that in Christ, we live, move, and have our being.

Our Relationship with the People We Serve

  • Each resident/client is unique and deserves person-centered care.
  • We welcome diversity of residents/clients and employees.
  • We treat each person with respect and dignity.
  • Each member of our staff is unique and is dedicated in service.
  • Our staff remains abreast of industry trends and seek innovative approaches to customer service and care delivery.

Our Commitment to Quality of Life and Quality Care

  • We care for the whole person and are mindful of the complexity of each person’s life.
  • We believe that a person’s health is best improved when a broad range of needs are addressed.
  • We provide individualized care through a team approach.

Our Commitment to our Environment and to the Community

  • We will not compromise the care and services we provide.
  • We will always be guided by integrity and ethics.
  • We will be resourceful and take pride in all that we do.
  • We will be faithful stewards of limited resources and will not waste.
  • Our team will remain strong and each of us will be steadfast in our mission.
  • We will be honorable contributors to our community and do all we can to sustain our environment.